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Maxwell Racing Developments are experts in vehicle performance improvement and we have acquired an excellent reputation within the motoring industry as a business that are capable of getting the max out of your engines through resilliance and experience, but also by using the right equipment.

We always strive to deliver excellent, so always choose trusted, and genuine equipment when we are delivering projects for our customers.

A glimpse of some of the equipment used by MRD can be found below.

Our state of the art inhouse dyno car, in combination with our 1000BHP 2 wheel drive Maha rolling road, is linked to some customised LPS software to allow us to visualise the change in performance to engines as parts are changed, calibrated and adjusted. A visual representation of the change to air to fuel ratio, engine speed, and BHP can be obtained from the garage showing the change in performance with our changes made.

In some cases, almost double the original BHP is outputed through our experience and equipment.

Our in house dyno car saves you from having to bring the car to a garage - you can palletise your engine and deliver it to us, or drop it off with us at your convenience.

Rimac Spring Tester
Trusted Since 1929
Equipment | MRD | Vehicle Performance Specialists
Since 1929, Rimac Tools has been a leader in the design and manufacture of spring testers. Our 350lb spring tester is well equipped to handle a wide variety of spring types, including heavy duty diesel types upto 3 1/4" in diameter, and 9 3/4" in length.

Easy to read... Single pointer can be read at a glance, and with a full 4 1/4" diameter dial with bold numbers, evenly spaced, reading the figures on the device is quick and easy.

Our Rimac Spring Tester is accurate to +/-2% of the reading on the device.

In order to ensure readings can be steadily obtained, the tester holds a maximum reading with a second pointer. This can also be used as a fixed tolerance marker for measuring pressure or breaking strains.

IDL 505
Valve Guide and Seating
Equipment | MRD | Vehicle Performance Specialists
The Canadian built IDL 505 is a great machine for cylinder head reparis, valve guide and seat replacements.

We have a large range of tooling sizes to suit a huge range of engines. A great device used by Maxwell Racing Developments for valve seat and guide replacement operations.

PEG8 and PEG10
Valve Seating Grinding Machines
Equipment | MRD | Vehicle Performance Specialists
Maxwell Racing Developments strives to use only the best of equipment for our engine rebuilds to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

The PEG grinders reface valves, guided by a pin fastened to the valve guide and using the grinding wheels supplied.

Refacing valves is carried out by the grinder by means of two simultaneous rotating movements applied to a grinding wheel.

At MRD we have both a PEG 8 and PEG 10 grinder in the garage, with a host of various sizes of grinding wheels.

Fondera RP330
Engine Head Skimming
Equipment | MRD | Vehicle Performance Specialists
The COMEC RP330/C Swing Arm Surface Grinder with fly-cutter for aluminium, is a first class machine for a small business, it has a head mounted angled wheel dresser, so the cylinder head does not need to be removed if dressing is required when a head is only half finished.

Also, fitting alternative black and pink grinding segments in the mounting wheel reduces the need to change segments for different or mixed cylinder head materials.

Due to the swing arm, the width of the cylinder head affects the length of work that can be machined. Its capacity therefore, can be ascertained by reference to a diagram.

Valve Refacing Machine
Equipment | MRD | Vehicle Performance Specialists
Maxwell Racing Developments utilises the KWIK-WAY's SVS-D's precision 6-ball chuck for fast, accurate centering of your valves.

The machine offers .0005 accuracy for standard chuck size, and .0002 accuracy for the high-performance chuck.

This is the industries best valve facing machine.

The SVS Deluxe is equipped standard with vitrified wheels, grinding oil and diamond dresser. Everything needed for an excellent finish in valve re-facing.

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