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John Maxwell (propreitor), has been in the business, working with both road cars and stock cars for over 40 years, first being introduced to engines at the young age of just 11 years.

The garage, Bow Street Garage, is based in Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland and has established itself over the years. With John's interest in stock car racing, he soon became involved in building, repairing and diagnosing problems with engines in stock car racing, and has since then gone on to develop and uprate competitive and reliable race engines for all forms of motosport, including, hill climbing, rallying, sprint cars and circuit cars.

Working with classic cars all his life led to the business becoming a professional and trusted resource for classic car engine rebuilds and repairs, particularly among car enthusiasts who have restored there pride and joy over the years but couldn't quite get the engine running quite how it should.

MRD and Bow Street Garage offers a wide range of services to our customers, including a 1000BHP high performance rolling road.

Maxwell Racing Developments have an inhouse dyno car, with software customised to suit our own individual requirements. The car is easily adaptable to suit any form of engine with the state of the art equipment giving a live performance indication in the change in power from the engine to the wheels.

MRD are an official agent for Weber Carburettors and have a huge stock of parts available to rebuild, repair and recondition carburettors and distributors.

Maxwell Racing Developments is an agent for many top brand names including Piper Cams, 3j Driveline, Brisca F2, and Millers Oil.

Trusted and Reliable
Genuine & Unmodified Machines
At Maxwell Racing Developments we are a trusted name and goto person for many major establishments. MRD are the designated chief technical officer of the Oval Racing Council and are trusted to provide honest and accurate assessments of technical queries.

As well as being a trusted enterprise with years of experience, MRD take on some large scale restoration projects - Classic and historical cars; Full rebuilds, engine rebuilds and performance enhancement using all of the latest technology.

Our equipment is second to none and is regularly calibrated and serviced by genuine technicians. Our Maha rolling road is a genuine 1000bhp machine straight from the manufacturer, unmodified and one of only a few in the UK.

We use the most accurate PEG8 and PEG10 valve seating equipment to ensure accuracy and efficiancy, alongside our IDL505 tooling machine.

Services Offered
An Glimpse of Our Vehicle Services Available
Maxwell Racing Developments offer a wide range of services for all forms of motorsport and performance vehicles.

If your car is pinking, has flat spots, loss of power, has had modifications made or is just not running right, then we can put your vehicle on the Rolling Road and run a diagnostic check to ascertain the problem. Once we have checked the diagnostics, we can see what is wrong with the engine and fine tune your engine using our dyno tuning method, or alternatively, let you know what has been the problem!

Below, are just some of the services that we offer our customers.

We will always provide our honest and knowledgeable opinion with all queries we recieve.

Some services currently offered are:

- Modifying and re-conditioning of carburetors
- Modifying and re-conditioning of distributors
- Engines built to order, rebuilt and repaired
- Gearbox repairs
- Limited slip diff repairs
- Huge stockist of thousands of 2nd hand spares available for all classic cars up to the early 90s
- Crypton engine tuning
- Performance tuning and testing using our rolling road capable of 150mph, providing 1000bhp - One of only a few of this style of Maha rolling roads of this kind in the United Kingdom.
- Valve Spring Testing
- Valve seats vacuum testing, with valves seated with essentric valve seating equipment
- Cylinder head building and optimisation
- CC Measurments
- Valve refacing
- Crank shaft balancing
- Engine head skimming

Other offsite features include:
- Steel fabrication work and welding
- Classic car restoration

Whilst many more services are offered, we advise you to get in touch with us to see how we can assist you.

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Tel: 07831 518637

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