Maxwell Racing Developments offer a wide range of services for all forms of motorsport and performance vehicles.

If your car is pinking, has flat spots, loss of power, has had modifications made or is just not running right, then we can put your vehicle on the Rolling Road and run a diagnostic check to ascertain the problem. Once we have checked the diagnostics, we can see what is wrong with the engine and fine tune your engine using our dyno tuning method, or alternatively, let you know what has been the problem!

Below, are just some of the services that we offer our customers.

We will always provide our honest and knowledgeable opinion with all queries we recieve.

Some services currently offered are:

- Modifying and re-conditioning of carburetors
- Modifying and re-conditioning of distributors
- Engines built to order, rebuilt and repaired
- Gearbox repairs
- Limited slip diff repairs
- Huge stockist of thousands of 2nd hand spares available for all classic cars up to the early 90s
- Crypton engine tuning
- Performance tuning and testing using our rolling road capable of 150mph, providing 750bhp - One of only 3 rolling roads of this kind in Britain

Other offsite features include:
- Steel fabrication work and welding
- Classic car restoration

These are just some of the services that we offer, though we are capable of providing enough services to fill this page over a hundred times, in addition, we are continually developing new ways to provide the pinacle of high performance in motoring.

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